Figma Plugin Monetization Template (TypeScript Source Code)

Yuan Qing Lim

Complete annotated TypeScript source code for a Figma plugin built using the Create Figma Plugin toolkit and monetized via Gumroad license keys.


  • Monetize your Figma plugin by issuing license keys via Gumroad

  • Limit the number of free plugin runs on a per-document basis, and show a license key paywall UI when the maximum number of free runs is reached

  • Validate license keys using the Gumroad API, and save valid license keys to the user’s settings

  • Only re-validate a license key after some time has elapsed (defaults to 10 minutes) since the last validation time

What’s included

Complete annotated source code in a ZIP file sent to your email

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Figma Plugin Monetization Template (TypeScript Source Code)

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